Girl loses high-paying job because of TikTok video

(ORDO NEWS) — In the US, a woman lost her high-paying job at a startup because of a 20-second TikTok video filmed during a remote meeting with colleagues.

Michelle Serna, 24, said she works remotely, so all meetings are online. In one of them, she turned off the camera, because the conversation was not about her tasks, and shot a short funny video about how she accidentally spills coffee on her desktop.

The next day, Serna was unexpectedly called to a meeting with an HR representative and a product director.

The girl was informed that she would be fired because of the filmed video, because in the background one could hear conversations about the internal affairs of the company.

Serna admitted the mistake, but claims that no confidential information was included in the video. However, she does not agree that the punishment should be dismissal.

Easily resigned to the decision of management, Serna decided to open her own business selling software for equestrian professionals. She plans to use TikTok to promote it and show subscribers all the processes.


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