Girl found an unusual way to save on utility bills

(ORDO NEWS) — In the USA, the girl found an unusual way to save on utility bills, moved to live in a car and talked about the consequences of this decision that surprised her.

Nikita Kramp, 31, has been working two jobs since she was 20 and barely making ends meet. She spent most of her money on rent and utility bills. According to the American, she had only $100 left for food and personal needs.

In 2019, tired of saving money, Crump decided to move into her Honda Civic and it changed her life for the better.

To adjust her life in the new conditions, she attached a folding tray to the steering wheel and uses it as a dining table.

She made a closet in the trunk, dividing everything into four containers into categories: electronics, outdoor items, washing and personal care products, and a box for miscellaneous items.

Nikita explained that she periodically visits friends at home to cook healthy meals. She showers in 24-hour gyms and sleeps in quiet bedroom communities.

During her three years of nomadic life in the car, Crump managed to save up $25,000, which she pledged for the van.

“Of course, this life has its difficulties, but I went from a depressed person without money, which I was in 2019, to a prosperous and active person a year later.

Financial stability just changed everything, and also made me realize how much I used to suffer, ”Krump said.

In 2021, Nikita discovered a new way to earn money and began to create content on social networks. She talks about her life in the car, earns from views and advertising integrations.

The girl admits that the path she has chosen also has disadvantages, the main of which is the lack of the opportunity to fully retire, take a bath with pleasure or relax alone.


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