Girl did not wash her hair for two years and showed the result

(ORDO NEWS) — British resident Enya Brennan stopped washing her hair and got rid of dandruff.

A resident of the UK refused to wash her hair for a long time and spoke about the processes that took place with her hair. The story of 24-year-old administrator Enya Brennan from London leads The Sun.

The girl admitted that she had not used shampoo for two years because of her own laziness.

“I just washed my hair with water twice a week and a little more often when I was exercising and sweating.

Usually people stop washing their hair completely, and then they have to overcome the period when the hair becomes greasy. But I chose a different path,” she said.

girl did not wash her hair for two years and showed the result 2

Brennan began to gradually increase the amount of time between treatments. After reaching a two-week break, she got rid of oily hair with dry shampoo.

“The turning point was three months: my hair stopped getting dirty. In addition, I got rid of scalp irritation forever, because when I washed it more often, I got dandruff, ”the heroine of the material noted and added that beauty salon masters always admire the health of her hair.

The experiment also helped Brennan save money. At the moment, she uses the services of hairdressers once every six months and pays only for a “dry” haircut for 20 pounds (two thousand rubles).

“People always want to smell my hair because they think it stinks. But they do not feel anything – the head does not smell anything. People are shocked that I look neat, ”concluded the Briton.


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