Girl communicates with ‘gods and angels’ spoke about the Kingdom of Heaven

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A fifth grader from Japan makes many think about her tales of the kingdom of heaven. A schoolgirl named Sumire, like her mother, received the gift of communicating with the gods and angels.

The girl even starred four years ago in the documentary film “An Agreement with God.”

A resident of Japan can also analyze the aura of a person and see the fetus in the womb. Plus, she can even talk to an unborn child. Some envy Sumira, but the girl always focuses on the fact that we are all unique.

The kingdom of heaven is divided into several kingdoms, and each has its own characteristics and differences. Sumire herself did not fully learn to distinguish them. She noted that among the good gods and angels, there are those who make people commit evil deeds. But if a person still chooses the side of good, then God will certainly patronize him.

A smile is considered a good thing. If you smile, then everyone around you is infected with this. People should learn to enjoy life, live without criticism for their failures and missed opportunities. Of course, you can’t do without trials of fate, but you don’t need to focus on difficulties.


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