Giants of the oceans with humpback whales

(ORDO NEWS) — Seascape photographer Kurt Arrigo is one of the world’s most renowned underwater photographers.

From the age of 10, he dreamed of diving with humpback whales. And now, 40 years later, he finally got the opportunity to make his dream a reality.To see a humpback whale so close is a great rarity and good luck!

In 2018, Arrigo had the opportunity to swim with humpback whales in Tonga. All summer he prepared for this dive: he trained his breathing, often dived and worked with professional divers. But despite the preparation, the photographer noted that the shooting was a real challenge!

Giants of the oceans with humpback whales 2

The purpose of the dive for Arrigo was to search for humpback whales. The photographer intended to shoot them with a Nikon D850 camera and an Aquatech underwater hull.

“The search for these creatures required the work of a whole team. I had to dive and look. However, when shooting wildlife, there can be no guarantee that animals will show up and allow you to get close to them,” says Arrigo.

“When we found the first humpback whale, it was a female who thrashed and flapped her fin on the surface, making it clear that we were not welcome here. No image is worth the stress on the wildlife or the danger to the team, so we decided to move on,” recalls the photographer.

Giants of the oceans with humpback whales 1

The next day, luck was on Arrigo’s side. A mother with a cub let him in. The mother swam protectively beside her curious calf, and it was with her permission that the photographer slipped cautiously into the water, yet feeling vulnerable.

Arrigo recalls that he had never experienced anything like eye contact with these gigantic deep-dwellers. He hopes that his photographs will help viewers get to know these creatures better, understanding how they need to be preserved and protected.


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