Giant UFO fleet flew near the Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In different parts of the world, more and more people have recently begun to notice that a huge cluster of UFOs is moving past our planet.

Right during the live broadcast with the ISS, which took place on April 2, a UFO fleet arose, which flew past the Earth. He was just huge. What is really going on in space now?

As previously reported, the first wave of UFOs was recorded by ISS cameras in February. Then a cluster of objects flew in the first week of March.

This fleet was attributed to the second wave, which began to move about a week ago. It is worth noting that this is only part of the huge number of formations that move past the Earth.

The second wave also appeared from the direction that the first. This suggests that somewhere far in space, something serious is happening. Because of this, UFOs began to rapidly move to other places.

Specialists cannot determine what exactly caused the displacement, but some of them suggest that it could be some kind of space war.

Another version is that the UFO displacement was caused by the destruction of a huge celestial body. The ISS cameras also recorded some anomalies that no one can explain. They have the appearance of debris that could remain as a result of the destruction of some celestial body.


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