Giant UFO captured in the sky over Florida

(ORDO NEWS) — Well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring spoke about another UFO sighting, which was told by an eyewitness. This week, over Naples in Florida (USA), locals captured a bright giant UFO.

An eyewitness spoke of a bright light the size of half the moon that seemed to pull fog from the cloud-like object.

Another light object was also moving under him. Two sources of light and one cloud, similar to something that drew light and fog onto itself.

Giant UFO captured in the sky over Florida 2

The mysterious object looks like it flew out of a wormhole and froze at a certain height.

The ufologist is sure that this is not a launch of a SpaceX or NASA rocket at all. He believes that the US authorities are misinforming the population, passing them off as spacecraft launches. Although in fact, the ufologist is sure, many of them are real UFOs.


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