Giant stone jars discovered by archaeologists in India

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the protected forests of India, sites with giant stone jugs located in groups were discovered. The Heritage Daily writes about ancient stone artifacts dug into the ground.

Scientists from Gauhati University, North East Hill University and the Australian National University have combined the results of several expeditions that took place in the protected areas of India.

In Assam alone, researchers found 65 jars made of sandstone. We are talking about huge stone sculptures, many of which are taller than human growth.

Archaeologists have also found 7 jars at New Phlang Moi, Saipung, Turuk, Mualsey Thialsen Tlang, Mualhoi, Mualsey Lungmaicham and Mualsey Neng Seng.

In addition to jugs, scientists found massive round flat stones, as well as the remains of elongated artificial ponds. In the center of each such structure is a round stone slab.

A clear pattern was discovered – groups of several stone jugs dug into the ground are located on the flat tops of the hills.

After examining the contents of the jugs, scientists found shards, charred fragments of human bone and glass beads. According to local residents, iron spearheads were found in some jars a few years ago.

Archaeologists have not yet established who and when specifically created these stone objects, but it is assumed that the jugs performed some kind of ritual function.


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