Giant ozone hole closed over Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — The ozone hole over Antarctica closed at the end of last month, but this is much later than it happened in previous years. This was announced by Claire Nyllis, who is the official representative of the World Meteorological Organization.

In the fall of 2020, the ozone hole grew so large that it broke all records in previous years. It is also considered the deepest of all time and the longest. It should be noted that experts have been monitoring the ozone layer over Antarctica for 40 years. Due to the fact that the hole closed much later than usual, the temperature in the stratosphere was too low, and the polar vortex was not only stable, but also strong enough.

The huge ozone hole in 2020 was influenced by a variety of factors. An interesting point is that in 2019 this hole was very small and closed earlier than usual.

The ozone layer, which is located in the stratosphere of our planet at an altitude of 10 to 40 kilometers above the surface, is a gas envelope. It protects the Earth from dangerous ultraviolet radiation that comes from the Sun.


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