Giant elliptical galaxy UGC 10143

(ORDO NEWS) — This new image from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope highlights the giant elliptical galaxy UGC 10143 at the center of the Abell 2147 galaxy cluster, about 486 million light-years away at the head of the constellation Serpens.

UGC 10143 is the largest and brightest member of Abell 2147, which itself may be part of the much larger Hercules supercluster of galaxies.

UGC 10143’s bright center, dim elongated halo, absence of spiral arms and star formation dust lanes distinguish it as an elliptical galaxy. Elliptical galaxies are often found at the center of galaxy clusters, suggesting that they may form in galaxy mergers.

This image of UGC 10143 is part of the Hubble Survey of globular star clusters associated with the brightest galaxies in galaxy clusters.

Globular star clusters help astronomers trace the origin and evolution of their galactic neighbors. The Hubble study studied the distribution, brightness and abundance of metals in more than 35,000 globular star clusters.

The image uses data from the Hubble Advanced Camera for Observation. All gaps were filled in by the Hubble Wide Field and Planetary Camera and the Pan-STARRS collaboration. Cyan represents visible blue light and reddish orange represents near infrared light.


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