Ghost ship missing in the 17th century was discovered in the USA

(ORDO NEWS) — On the Great Lakes in the United States, the wreckage of the ship “Griffin”, which disappeared 343 years ago, was identified.

In the United States, treasure hunters have identified the wreckage of the Griffin ship, which went missing nearly 350 years ago in the Great Lakes, according to the Daily Express.

The vessel, built by the French explorer Rene-Robert Cavalier de La Salem to find routes to Asia, disappeared in 1679 while delivering a cargo of valuable furs across Lake Michigan.

According to the Daily Express, the loss of the Griffin has become one of the most famous “sea” mysteries of America, for shipwreck hunters it was considered the “Holy Grail” of the Great Lakes.

Two searchers, Stevie and Katie Liebert, were able to identify the previously found wreckage of the ship. They found that the wreckage found in Lake Michigan in previous years, including the bowsprit, belonged to the disappeared Griffin.

According to the Liberts, there were many theories of the loss of the ship. Thus, according to a widespread legend, the “Griffin” was cursed by the prophet of the Iroquois.

According to another version, the ship could have been captured by the Indians, who killed the crew and subsequently burned the ship.

De La Salle himself believed that the crew of the Griffin rebelled and stole the valuable cargo, while sinking the ship. There were even those who believed that the Griffin had become a “ghost ship”.

At the same time, the Libertans themselves believe that the most plausible reason for the death of the ship was a strong multi-day storm.

So, there were no traces of fire on the wreckage, which refutes the theory of the seizure of the ship, while the distance of several kilometers between the bowsprit and other found parts speaks in favor of the version of the storm.


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