Germany in line with “epidemic” scenario of Rockefeller Foundation

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Conceptual power, represented by closed transnational entities, rules differently than state power. She does not lead, but creates stage-scenes in which the government places them, prompting them to act according to the patterns of circumstances. Coronavirus is precisely the mise-en-scene, and the current change of realities that we are witnessing shows us how, literally in a quarter, the world is turning over with all its seemingly “entrenched” constants.

The content of the Rockefeller Foundation report on global development scenarios , which included the forecast for the epidemic of viral pneumonia, but not in relation to the present, but by 2012, has already been confirmed in an official state source. One of the bloggers found on the site of the German Bundestag the scenario “Report on the protection of the population with risk analysis – 2012” . And revealing the most general points of this document, put a link to it, allowing you to read it in full. Here we look at the situation in hot pursuit of publication.

A detailed discussion of this report is ahead, in the next article, where we compare its main points with the Rockefeller Foundation report, dwelling on interesting features with which it abounds. And, looking ahead, a surprising similarity between the two documents is already being revealed – both in the declared terms of the epidemic, and in its geography, and in the number of alleged victims.

Three general considerations before proceeding directly to the blogger’s review of the German report. The first one. In fact, the official status of the Bundestag document does not at all indicate its priority over the report of the Rockefeller Foundation NGO. In global studies, everything is exactly the opposite. The Rockefeller Report is a concept paper of a higher level, which sets out not only the “epidemic” scenario, but the entire sequence of changes in the following scenarios. From the epidemic – to the remake of the suffering now, it would seem, the scourge of globalization. And from it – to the general chaos and division of the world and humanity into a “global city” and a “global village” – transnational, organized on top, or rather instead of states, and through already existing state borders.

The Bundestag report is an executive document, subordinate and tied to the “forecast” of the Rockefeller Foundation scenarios, considering only one of these scenarios – the first (“Lock Step”) and only in the optics of one country – Germany. But Germany, as our legendary intelligence officer General Yuri Drozdov told about this and admitted in his memoirs (“My Life in Politics”) ex-Chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder, is closely tied to the United States by the Chancellor Act, obliging every step of domestic political life to coordinate with Washington until 2099. Therefore, the author of these lines has no doubt that documents similar to German exist both in the USA itself and in other countries that are their satellite vassals. Daniel Estulin, a researcher of shadow processes in world politics, for example, mentions plan 55/2 (“Garden Processing”).

The document provides for the participation of the US Army in the suppression of civil unrest and the coordination of the Pentagon activities of the National Guard. Therefore, the current actions of Donald Trump to send troops to large cities are by no means an impromptu. By the way, in the 55/2 plan, the USA is referred to as a comma with “any subsequent political association”, that is, the collapse of the country is not ruled out, under which the coordinating role of crisis management goes to FEMA, an analogue of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (although in fact the opposite: it was copied by the Ministry of Emergencies with FEMA).

Political scientist Vladimir Shtol gives specific examples of secret bilateral documents, for example, with Italy, allowing the United States to intervene, including police and military, in the internal politics of NATO countries in case of threat of their withdrawal from the bloc. Etc. All this is not news and not “conspiracy theories”. The epidemic is an absolute reason for such an intervention. All this is not news and not “conspiracy theories”. The epidemic is an absolute reason for such an intervention. All this is not news and not “conspiracy theories”. The epidemic is an absolute reason for such an intervention.

The second one. There are two “circuits” in power in the West. The first, visible, is the states and governments that administer with the help of constitutions, laws, by-laws, authorities with their executive and administrative functions and powers, supervisory and law enforcement bodies, the judicial system, etc. This “contour” also includes interstate associations, such as the EU and NATO, as well as international organizations: the UN, groups of “twenty”, “seven”, etc. The second “circuit” is conceptual power, as Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga John (Snychev) once formulated this phenomenon, for whom the authors of the popular Concept of Public Security “Dead Water”, popular in the 1990s, have disputed primacy “. And they were replaced in the 2000s by nameless ones,

Conceptual power, represented by closed transnational entities, rules differently than state power. She does not lead, but creates staging scenes in which she places the first “circuit”, prompting him to act not in his own interests, but according to the circumstances. Missiles from the near-Korean waters in Japan and Hawaii, eliminated by the US missile defense forces in January 2018, are one mise-en-scene, and Donald Trump, placed in it, began to search for “exits” to Kim Jong-un so as not to be drawn into a big war without his own knowledge. Coronavirus is another mise-en-scene; today we all, without exception, feel ourselves in some other reality. So the change of realities is just a change of the mise-en-scenes, and they showed us just over a quarter how the world is turning around with all its seemingly “entrenched” constants. This is a strategy.

By the way, the collapse of the mise-en-scenes was the collapse of the USSR, and it is no coincidence that it was precisely in 1992 that the active phase of the formation of a system of “sustainable development” began, which plays a key role not only “in the chain”, but also in a whole group of UN documents and institutions .

What is the basis for the separation of the “contours” of power into the first and second? Two world maps. One is the well-known political map of the world of states, the other is a corporate map of the world, divided into spheres of influence of transnational banks and corporations, which is fundamentally different from the first, but which, unlike it, is not published. But it certainly exists, if not in the picture, then in the minds and interests of the “ultimate beneficiaries” of the global “market” economy. They own the main ideas of the scenarios developed by the “egg-headed” intellectuals from the leading think tanks from both sides of the Atlantic.

The third. Most likely, the link between global and national scenarios, which was demonstrated by the Rockefeller Foundation and the German Bundestag, exists not only in the implemented “Lock Step” – the scenario of a global pandemic and in overcoming its consequences, but also in the other three scenarios of the Rockefeller chain – “Clever Together” ”,“ Hack Attak ”and“ Smart Scramble ”. This is such an integrated superscript of the evolution of the entire world system in a certain direction that meets certain group and corporate interests.

And now to the main positions of the Bundestag document. We are talking about the scenario of the “worldwide spread of the hypothetical modified SARS virus (” severe acute respiratory syndrome “), the causative agent of which ” … may be SARS-Coronavirus ” .

First, the authors of the report note that “the epidemic will begin in February in Southeast Asia and from there it will quickly spread to Europe and the USA. The list of measures that governments will take in different countries will be different, but the main ones among them are quarantine and self-isolation.”

Secondly, it is said that “the spread of the virus will not have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife, but some damage to livestock and poultry farming is possible, as farmers will get sick. Cultural institutions will hardly suffer, especially those that preserve historical heritage. The maximum damage, according to the forecast, will be done to the sectors of the national economy, which provide the everyday needs of ordinary people in goods and services. This, apparently, is primarily about small and medium businesses in the field. And since ordinary people will have a really bad time and they will desperately protest, serious changes in politics are expected.”

It is noted that “large corporations will suffer less. Infrastructure industries, such as energy and communications, will survive. And you can forget about tourism, restaurant business, theaters and concerts for many years. “Passenger airlines will disappear as a class, only freight air transportation will remain.”

Thirdly, the total number of victims “is estimated to be up to 7.5 million people, to which you can add from a third to half missing people” (lonely old people who died in their apartments will “disappear”; in the acute phase of the epidemic, they will not be ) “The duration of the global viral epidemic is forecasted to be three years. The document contains graphs on which the incidence wave passes three peaks with decreasing amplitude. ”

Is it not obvious that the stages of the development of the coronavirus pandemic indicated in the Bundestag document that have already been passed show a lot of similarities with what is happening around us. Except for one – terms, 2012; and this discrepancy, as has already been noted in the example of the Rockefeller Foundation report, is explained by the fact that the pandemic scenario is not the only one and is implemented in conjunction with other scenarios that are not spelled out in the German report. But – guess.

And is it not clear that it is the duration and the “bloody” nature of the scenario, which is replete with a fantastic number of victims comparable to very large military conflicts and even world wars, that causes the powers that be in all countries to such a rush and such sporadicity of actions, including, sometimes, excessive reaction . It is not from intent or evil. This is out of fear of uncertainty, although intent is not excluded in certain cases.

You can long and noisy discuss and debate on the topic of what awaits us. And you can, being warned and, therefore, armed, – to prepare. On our side is the time factor, due to the size of our spaces, which, in comparison with the crowded Europe and the ocean coasts of the USA, are a serious obstacle to the epidemic. Failure and overcoming other people’s scenarios is possible, but only under a number of conditions:

  • firstly, if you have your own counter-script, capable of using the power of other people’s scripts to turn it to your advantage on the basis of judo. Today, when there is a fantastic level of disorganization and division of the West and disorientation of the authorities of its first “circuit”, comparable only to the world wars of the 20th century, involvement in the general bacchanalia is an instrument of moving away from it towards its own national plans and interests;
  • secondly, for this it should already be clear now where we will get out of the “pandemic” scenario, because the “Clever Together” of Rockefeller globalization does not suit us. The costs of participating in it are clearly demonstrated by the epidemic. In other words, there should be its own alternative scenario “chain”;
  • thirdly, in order to have this solution, in the current situation the economy, as well as the society, should be kept as much as possible, not allowing its moral and psychological breakdown and, as a result, marginalization, which is inevitable when social ties are broken and cardinal impoverishment is impaired. Such marginalization is fraught with riots and the subsequent atomization and social decay, the way out of which is almost impossible.

And it is quite clear that the fulfillment of these conditions, which is a consequence of their understanding and made as a result of its conclusions, implies that we, in Russia, have our own second “circuit” of power. And something tells us that we have it. There is no other way to explain how we managed to save the country at those sharp turns where history threw us after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Miracles do not happen in this world, especially in the conditions when a great many people have worked for the disintegration, fragmentation and disintegration of Russia after the USSR for all these years, both domestically and abroad.

Well, the fact that this “contour”, unlike the West, where it is easily visible in the structure of the share capital of leading multinational banks and corporations, is not externally manifested, and not highlighted in the sphere of public policy, is our unconditional and unconditional advantage. True, on the other hand, this indicates a serious dependence of our business, deprived of access to conceptualism, on external “outlines”. But of this, however, we are already well aware.

Hence the conclusion: the only reliable condition for survival in an environment where global scenarios are put in place is the maximum strengthening of sovereignty . The more it is – not only in politics but also in the economy – and the higher the level of self-sufficiency of the country, – the higher the likelihood of getting out of the closed scenario circle, along which humanity is launched today. Having simultaneously turned into a new “assemblage point” for those whom this vicious circle infringes upon. Therefore, we do not succumb to panic and – we think.


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