Germany has the lowest coronavirus mortality rate: how, why?

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Germany ranks fourth in the world in the number of coronavirus infected. Moreover, the mortality rate there is one of the lowest in Europe – just over one percent. Germany not only copes with the epidemic within the country, but also receives patients from neighboring states.

What is the secret of the successful struggle of the Germans with COVID-19?

In the war against coronavirus, Germany holds a circular defense. The number of deaths for the entire pandemic here has reached thousands – almost as many are now dying in Spain and Italy. In a day.

While doctors in Lombardy have to choose who to give a chance by connecting mechanical ventilation and who are already hopeless, the clinics in Cologne and Leipzig take seriously ill patients from France and Bergamo. In Germany and abroad, they seek an explanation for the German medical miracle.

In Germany there is no curfew or strict restrictions, as in France, where it is allowed to go out with only the corresponding document. The German authorities allow the townspeople to walk in the parks, but only in two or with family members. It’s enough to have a passport with you. Despite such mild measures, the mortality rate from coronavirus in Germany is 12 times lower than in Italy.

Germany was proactive: when an epidemic raged in Wuhan, Germany relied on early detection of the disease . If in Italy patients who were severely taken to hospital with a severe symptom are tested for coronavirus, in Germany even those who did not have a cough or fever were tested.

This approach, on the one hand, distorts the statistics: the number of infected is impressive – 80 thousand people, but among them there are many young people who cope with COVID-19 without the intervention of doctors. On the other hand, earlier detection made it possible to quickly isolate patients and interrupt the infection chain. The laboratories did not fail.

“Every week, we conduct half a million tests throughout Germany. Doctors in laboratories across the country know how to collect tests themselves if given instructions. Such a prescription was made in January by the Charite clinic in Berlin,” says virologist Christian Droosten.

The German health system withstands the impact of coronavirus. In Germany, 28 thousand places of intensive care and this number is planned to be doubled. Italy has to be content with five thousand.

The German government reports that half of the country’s resuscitation is not involved. The local mentality plays into the hands of the authorities – no need to ask twice to maintain distance. Unlike Italians, Germans are more restrained in communication, less often touch and hug their interlocutor.

The initial psychosis in stores and battles over toilet paper quickly gave way to the German Order Officer: 95 percent of German citizens consider quarantine necessary and, with rare exceptions, observe it.

They take an example from the chancellor – Angela Merkel ruled the state from her Berlin apartment for two weeks in connection with suspected coronavirus.

The diagnosis was not confirmed, and the rate of spread of the pandemic in the country fell . Despite these first victories, virologists urge citizens to discipline. Otherwise, the number of infected can reach 10 million people.


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