Germany believes the pandemic will end in 4 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Humanity will not be able to cope with the coronavirus in the next few years. This is exactly what Karl Lauterbach, who is the head of the German Ministry of Health, thinks. He notes the fact that the coronavirus will spread across the planet for at least another 4 years, if not more.

The reason that it will not be possible to quickly deal with the pandemic is that new strains will continue to appear. He also added that the virus mutates too quickly, and its new variants most often appear in those people who have weak immunity, oncology or diseases of an autoimmune nature.

Karl Lauterbach is one of those people who believe that vaccination should be compulsory. He says that if everyone is vaccinated, then in the future it will be possible not to be afraid of the coronavirus and its possible mutations. In addition, vaccination will prevent the virus from circulating further among residents of different countries.

Also, the head of the German Ministry of Health suggested that the booster dose may not be enough due to the fact that the new Omicron strain is spreading very quickly. At the same time, the introduction of the fourth vaccination remains in question and will depend on how people will tolerate Omicron and whether new types of disease will appear.

The coronavirus mutates for several reasons. The more copies of the virus are created in the body of a person, the greater the risk of developing a mutation. The main goal of the strain is survival. If we consider the evolutionary factor, then only the strongest viruses that can withstand the influence of the human immune system, as well as those that spread easily and quickly, can survive.

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