Germans have created a robotic war machine

(ORDO NEWS) — The German company Rheinmetall has presented a tracked robot based on the Wiesel platform. It can be used to solve a wide range of problems.

Various countries are increasingly working on drones that could replace tanks, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. One of these machines was the Autonomous Combat Warrior (ACW). The German company Rheinmetall announced that it has created a new complex based on the Wiesel platform. It has a “high-tech autonomy kit”.

The robot is powered by a system that is suitable for a variety of tracked and wheeled combat vehicles such as the Boxer and Lynx. It is assumed that robotic samples will be able to deliver supplies themselves, conduct reconnaissance and even fire. In this case, manned vehicles will operate at a safer distance.

Autonomous Combat Warrior can be controlled directly, remotely, or completely autonomously by programming waypoints on the tablet. He can independently avoid obstacles, and also knows how to follow the leading vehicle in convoy mode.

In the future, the car will receive new functions that, among other things, will allow more efficient use of ACW in rough terrain.

The Wiesel, on the basis of which the ACW was developed, is a light tracked airborne combat vehicle for airborne units. Its combat weight is approximately three tons. The crew is two people.

Germans have created a robotic war machine 3

Rheinmetall is one of the largest manufacturers of military equipment and weapons in Germany and Europe. One of the most famous novelties of the concern is the aforementioned Lynx armored combat vehicle. Last year, Rheinmetall released a video of the KF41 Lynx test, where it performed on stage with the Allied forces.

At least one more company from Europe, Milrem Robotics, is currently developing large ground combat robots. She previously attracted attention by showing the Type-X unmanned tracked platform.

The platform has proven its ability to move and maneuver. So far, this is only a test sample, but in the future Milrem Robotics wants to create a full-fledged combat vehicle based on it. It can be equipped with a 30mm or even 50mm cannon, so that the “robot tank” will approach the firepower of modern infantry fighting vehicles.

Germans have created a robotic war machine 1

Russia has traditionally been very active in this direction. A few years ago, it introduced a whole line of unmanned or optionally manned armored vehicles, including an “assault robot”.


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