German veterinarians cured aggressive pig from alcoholism

(ORDO NEWS) — In Germany, veterinarians managed cure alcoholism of a domestic pig named Eberhard. The animal lived in a dirty apartment and ate only chips and alcohol. When specialists took Eberhard away from the previous owners, he ended up in a shelter located in the municipality of Lippetal.

There, veterinarians weaned the pig from alcohol and restored its health. Eberhard’s new owner, Bianca Deichmann, said that after two years at the shelter, the piglet fully recovered.

“He was incredibly aggressive, anxious and knew nothing but the apartment he lived in. But here he became an absolutely calm, happy little pig, ”the woman said.

Germans are legally allowed to keep miniature domestic pigs in their homes. In addition, each piglet must be officially registered with the local veterinary office.

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