German politicians show US red card

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — New sanctions announced by the USA against the Nord Stream 2 project have been criticized by the regional government and in the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Energy Minister Christian Pegel (SPD) said Thursday that he considers it irresponsible to turn the infrastructure project of the European energy economy into a ball for a political game. Europe needs a reliable gas supply.

“Therefore, we unequivocally support the construction of a gas pipeline approved in accordance with the law,” he said. In addition, the world is fighting the coronavirus. “We don’t need senseless economic blockades here either,” Pegel noted.

Outgoing US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell called on the federal government to rethink its policy on Russia. “Germany must stop feeding this monster,” he said.

Up to 55 billion cubic meters of Russian gas will go to Germany annually via Nord Stream-2, which, upon reaching Lubmin, will be supplied to the European integrated grid. The gas pipeline should be commissioned this year. As a result of last year’s US sanctions, construction was suspended.

The representative of the CDU’s faction for energy policy, Franz-Robert Liskow, stressed that the United States pursues its own energy and political interests, which is beyond doubt. “It’s not very logical for Europe to deliver American natural gas to us in an expensive and not very environmentally friendly way – on tankers from the USA,” he said.

From a land policy perspective, there are good reasons to support Nord Stream 2. Federal land benefits from pipeline construction. “Perhaps further options will appear, for example, the construction of a gas power station in the Lubmin energy center.”

Opposition faction of the Left urged to show the red card of the United States and its sanctions policy. German and European energy policies are not the business of Donald Trump or his ambassador, said party spokeswoman for energy policy Mignon Schwenke. “The federal government should advocate for the EU to respond to further escalation in response to penalties for gas from the US,” the politician demanded.


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