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Geopolitician-forecaster told what will be the new world order

Geopolitician forecaster told what will be the new world order

(ORDO NEWS) — Many experts agree that the Russian special operation in Ukraine is just a prologue to future conflicts that will change the political map of the world. But what will the new world order look like and is it worth waiting for the Third World War?

It seemed that for the last 10 years humanity has been puzzled by getting rid of traditional energy resources, but now it turned out that the main trump cards in this big geopolitical game are in the hands of those who have oil and gas. That is why Saudi Arabia and the eastern sheiks are becoming almost the main players in this big game.

Richard Balfe, Member of the UK House of Lords: “I think that Saudi Arabia, like many other countries, is now changing its position in light of the new world order, which, frankly, is more dependent on China.”

Richard Balfe is a Life Peer in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. Now he is one of the few Britons who did not include the culture of cancellation for everything Russian.

Richard Balfe : “Sanctions assuage one’s conscience, but I don’t find them effective. We need your gas, we need your wheat, we need our technology. We have a very small planet and we will all have to live together.”

Exactly the same position is now with the Saudis, who decided to switch to yuan in settlements with the Chinese. In the eyes of the West, this move undermines energy stability. But how is it that the United States is losing its longtime partner before our very eyes?

If during the First Cold War, America and Saudi Arabia were brought together by confrontation with the atheists-communists, now the United States is playing the role of atheists propagandizing new values ​​for the keepers of Muslim shrines – Mecca and Medina.

Mark La Cour, owner of an oil and gas company (Texas, USA): “Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country where gays are considered sinners, so the American attitude towards sexual minorities is perceived there as a sign of weakness. This, of course, is not at all conducive to good relationships. ”

If someone finds the union of the Riyadh-Moscow-Beijing axis countries unbelievable, then you should familiarize yourself with the predictions of the real geopolitical Vanga of our time. This is an American George Friedman – writer, strategist, professional geopolitical forecaster. Arab sheikhs line up to listen to his lectures.

George Friedman, writer, geopolitical forecaster: “Globally, the world will never change: there will always be nations, wars, money, love. But the names of the players will be different.”

Until the end of the century – as much as 78 years, and for every 10 years, George Friedman has a forecast. Andrei Sukhanov, a reporter for Central Television, asked the writer: how did he manage to predict the armed conflict in Ukraine in his book?

George Friedman: “My theory is that the nation can be represented by one person: he wants to have all the essentials, but there is a limit to his capabilities. Nations collide in the same scenarios.”

All those who are now afraid that the clash in Ukraine could develop into a world war, George Friedman is in a hurry to reassure: in his opinion, the Third World War will not happen tomorrow, but in the still distant 2050. Its main participants may be those in whom no one yet sees a threat to the planet – Japan and Poland.

George Friedman: “Poland will want to become the leader of Europe. Everyone I introduced to this opinion of mine thought that I had lost my mind. But look at Poland now – they are the most militant in the European Union

Look also at Japan, whose economy is the third largest in the world. Japan actually has much more military power than it claims to. And of course she will want to control Asia.”

What happens next sounds like science fiction: after the end of World War III, as Friedman writes, Mexico will attack America and annex Texas.

And if you are interested in what this political Nostradamus wrote about the end of the current conflict in Ukraine, the beginning of which he predicted 13 years ago, do not be too lazy to look into his book. What you read will surprise you.


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