Geomagnetic storms rage on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NOAA forecasters say that geomagnetic storms are possible on February 13 and especially on February 14, when the impact on the Earth’s magnetic field is expected.

Gaseous material flows at over 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the Sun’s atmosphere.

Geomagnetic storms rage on Earth

This was not in the forecast. An unexpected interplanetary shock wave hit the Earth’s magnetic field.

The collision triggered a Kr5-class geomagnetic storm and several very bright auroral flashes beyond the Arctic Circle:

The shock wave was small and may have been a faint CME that was not detected when it left the Sun a few days ago. This will happen more frequently as the 25th solar cycle intensifies.

The sun ejects coronal mass ejections, scattering them in all directions.


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