Geologists have tracked the fluctuations of the ancient magnetic field

(ORDO NEWS) — The Earth‘s magnetic field protects our planet from dangerous cosmic radiation. But its power is not constant. Periodically, the field may weaken.

Recent studies have shown that the field strength has declined rapidly over the past two centuries. This was especially evident in the region of the South Atlantic anomaly in the southern part of the Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil and Africa, according to PNAS.

To better understand the patterns of the magnetic field, geologists analyzed its variability over the past nine thousand years. They used archaeological and geological records, data on the magnetization of ancient rocks.

The results showed that the field weakened repeatedly over the specified period of time. One of the longest recessions occurred 7-8 thousand years ago, even before the emergence of advanced human civilizations. Also, the decline occurred 2.5 thousand years ago, at the end of the ancient era.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that after the recession, a new increase in the strength of the magnetic field invariably follows.

According to their calculations, modern anomalies will disappear in 300-400 years, when the strength of the magnetic field will gradually increase.

Note that the tracking of magnetic anomalies is of great importance not only for science. They can affect the operation of low-orbit satellites and, in the future, space travel.


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