Genetic Mutations Discovered That Contribute to Infertility in Men

(ORDO NEWS) — According to data obtained in the course of one of the recent studies, special mutations in the DNA are associated with the development of male infertility.

More details about the results are in the article.

A team of scientists from the University of Newcastle (UK) have discovered a special genetic mechanism (mutations) that can contribute to the development of severe forms of infertility in men.

The research results were published in Nature Communications.

The study involved patients from the Newcastle Fertility Center and Radbaud University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

As a result, scientists analyzed the DNA of 185 infertile men and their parents. 145 rare mutations have been found that can negatively affect fertility.

Also, 29 mutations affected genes associated with the reproduction of offspring (reproduction).

Genetic Mutations Discovered That Contribute to Infertility in Men 2

At the same time, mutations were found in the RBM5 gene. According to previous studies, this gene is able to influence the development of infertility in men.

These mutations often cause a dominant form of infertility. For its development, only one mutated gene is required.


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