Genetic analysis revealed the secret of the origin of the Etruscans

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from several countries provided the most complete data on ancient DNA that are directly related to the Etruscans and are culturally related to them. This made it possible to put an end to the disputes regarding the origin of such a highly developed culture. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Science Advances.

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For a long time, scientists were interested in the Etruscan civilization, which existed in Central Italy in the Iron Age. They stood out very much from the rest of the peoples for their metallurgical skills and cultural characteristics. For a long time, scientists argued about what kind of geographical origin the Etruscans had.

The main hypothesis for a long time was considered that the ancient Greeks influenced the Etruscan culture. It was also said that the people descended from the Aegean or Anatolian migratory groups. Another popular hypothesis is the origin of the Etruscans from the Villanovsk culture, which flourished in the Bronze Age.

Experts studied the genomes of 82 ancient people who lived in Italy between 800 BC and 1000 AD. The result showed that although the culture of the Etruscans was unique, they were quite closely associated with their neighbors, the Latins, who lived in Rome. Most of the genetic profiles at the same time showed that they came from ancestors from the steppe, who arrived in this area back in the Bronze Age. For 800 years, the gene pool remained stable, and then began to mix with populations living in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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