Gastroenterologists told why you need to sleep on your left side

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted a study in which they studied exactly how sleeping positions affect the occurrence of nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux. They concluded that it is safest to sleep on the left side.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is quite common. In those countries that are actively developing, every year there are more cases.

The main symptoms of the disease are heartburn, a feeling of acid in the mouth, hiccups and even vomiting, belching, and pain in the stomach. Because of this, the quality of life becomes much worse, and the person is faced with great discomfort.

GERD is the result of stomach contents regularly being thrown up the esophagus. In addition, enzymes and hydrochloric acid lead to the fact that the lower esophagus is seriously damaged.

Experts note that about 80% of patients most often experience most of the symptoms at night. This, in turn, negatively affects the quality of sleep. Sleeping on the left side will help ease the condition.

A new study has carefully studied how exactly sleeping positions affect the occurrence of nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux. To do this, scientists examined the peristalsis of the esophagus, and also conducted additional monitoring of the body.

The results of the study demonstrated that sleeping on the left side reduces the impact of acid on the human esophagus. In addition, it is much faster excreted from the esophagus. The experiment involved 57 volunteers who regularly experience GERD.

Experts also managed to find out that when a person sleeps on his back or on his right side, then in this case the acid affects much more and leads to unpleasant symptoms. The time for which the acid was removed from the esophagus was also compared. In the position on the left side, more than half the time is required.


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