Gary McKinnon – hacker who hacked into the Pentagon in search of UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — The arrogance with which the US and its government behave is sometimes striking. Sometimes it even feels as if they know something that other countries do not even suspect and do not know. And thanks to the hacker Gary McKinnon, not so long ago, everyone became aware of their secret: it turns out that they have their own space fleet.

Hacking with beer in hand

Scottish hacker Gary McKinnon, who acted on the network under the nickname Solo, dreamed of space distances and acquaintance with alien civilizations since childhood. UFOs were his true passion. However, with no less enthusiasm, Gary traveled the World Wide Web. The first computer was presented to him by his parents when they noticed that the guy did not get along very well with his peers and, in general, had difficulty finding a common language with others. Due to his quarrelsomeness, he even flew out of the musical group. Mrs. McKinnon hoped that her son, like other teenagers, would use the “miracle technique” (it was 1980) for games and communication, but Gary preferred to create graphics and write programs. And after 3 years he saw the movie “War Games”, in which a hacker “nerd” breaks into the Pentagon’s computer network. It was then that the thought occurred to him, that if anywhere it is worth looking for evidence of the existence of UFOs and their contacts with humanity, it is in the highest military departments of the United States. He was then only 17. It took a full 20 years before McKinnon managed to break into the most impregnable and secure servers of the Pentagon and NASA.

However, one should not think that all these 20 years he was only engaged in storming US computers. Not at all. Gary lived his own life, worked as a system administrator, dated girls. True, his UFO-driven shift has worsened every year. He looked everywhere for indisputable facts of the existence of life outside the Earth: he read the relevant books, watched documentaries. Scouring the Internet, McKinnon came to the conclusion that the American government is deceiving the public and has long been using alien technology. In particular, Gary was convinced that the Americans were hiding ways to get free energy. He was very angry because of this, believing that such alien developments should not be kept secret from the public, especially at a time when “retirees cannot pay to refuel their cars.”

McKinnon’s finest hour struck in March 2002, when, while visiting his girlfriend, drinking beer and using soft drugs, Gary decided to try to bring the United States to clean water. No sooner said than done!

Strange employees

The information that he obtained, at the same time shocked and delighted him, because Gary found confirmation of his guesses. He made sure that the US government has long known the laws of anti-gravity, and free ways to obtain energy, and much more that could make life easier and easier for all people. But the United States usurped the right to extraterrestrial technology, which, according to Gary, was immoral and dishonest.

The biggest shock to Solo, however, was the list of people and jobs they held, titled Non-Terrestrial Employees. In an interview, Gary later said: “I think what lies behind this is not on Earth. I found a list of names of transfers between technical units and a list of names of ships. And these were not the names of the US Navy ships. What I saw, it seems to me, were the names of spaceships. ” It is characteristic that these “non-ground employees” were no longer featured in any other official documents. And this gives rise to a grandiose assumption: secretly from the whole world, the United States has formed an entire space fleet capable of moving at the speed of light. Using alien technologies, their ships have been flying beyond the solar system for a long time and are actively exploring deep space. In support of this guess, Gary found many UFO images – a variety of flying objects, both in the form of plates and in the form of cylinders. It is noteworthy that many of these photographs were clearly taken at close range, and they were all of very good quality.

This means that neither the objects themselves, nor their crews saw any threat in the earthlings-photographers: they had no goal to remain unnoticed, on the contrary, they seemed to pose in front of the cameras. But it was precisely the excellent quality of the images, and therefore their large weight, that prevented Gary from downloading the photos to his computer. He only managed to take a screenshot of a computer screen with one of the frames, but that one was also confiscated during the court proceedings.

70 years at Guantanamo

The US authorities quickly approached Gary McKinnon and demanded his extradition from Britain. According to the prosecution, Solo “deleted critical files in the operating system, which made it impossible to use more than 2 thousand computers in the military district of Washington within 24 hours, and also deleted the US Navy’s weapon logs.” The Americans said that the United States spent 800 thousand dollars to identify Gary’s attack and eliminate its consequences! It is no wonder that they were eager to immediately extradite the hacker in order to try him in America, where McKinnon had to spend his term not just anywhere, but in Guantanamo, the notorious prison, whose leadership was more than once accused of violating human rights. Amid this bleak outlook, the $ 2 million fine seemed the lesser of evils.

Gary denied the charges. He claimed that, firstly, he was looking only for information about US cooperation with aliens and, secondly, he had access to only one computer. And this means that he could not in any way inflict the colossal damage that is attributed to him. McKinnon saw only another confirmation of his innocence in the desire of the United States to get it into its own hands by all means.

The case of the Scottish hacker was considered for a very long time – almost 10 years, until in 2012 the then British Prime Minister David Cameron did not at all forbid the extradition of McKinnon, declaring him insane.

So everyone remained in their own interests: Solo – in the absolute conviction of the existence of the US space fleet, and the Americans – in the belief that the hacker significantly underestimates the significance of his actions. That’s where we parted …

Since then, Gary McKinnon has been struggling without a job: who would take a sysadmin with such a track record? And representatives of the Pentagon and NASA to this day refute the information made public by the Scottish hacker already in 2002. But not very successful. And therefore, cases of hacking of secret military and government information have recently become more frequent. People are tired of being in the dark and trying to uncover the secrets of the powerful: who doesn’t want free gasoline?

Blatantly lying?

When Gary released the facts he found on the Pentagon and NASA servers, not everyone believed him. “This Scotsman is lying, hoping to attract attention!” – thought many. But what about the fact that some former US military officials confirm the information McKinnon found? How can we not recall the famous conspiracy theory, according to which the secret world government has long and closely cooperated with aliens? It’s just that their meetings do not take place on Earth, but in space, in order to avoid unnecessary witnesses.

Meetings at the highest level take place on the mysterious planet Nibiru, which is actually not a planet at all, but a huge plant platform: a kind of neutral territory for contact between earthlings and aliens. To get to it, the United States needs a space fleet!


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