Gary McKinnon criticizes NASA’s claim that they have found no evidence of aliens

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(ORDO NEWS) — 57-year-old Gary McKinnon found himself at the center of a scandal after he was accused of hacking computer systems of the National Aerospace Agency (NASA) in search of evidence of the existence of UFOs . The incident, which happened back in 2002, sparked a transatlantic legal battle.

The US sought to extradite McKinnon from the UK to face trial and answer for his actions, which could carry a possible 70-year prison sentence. However, lengthy legal disputes and the blocking of an extradition order by Britain prevented this move.

Today, Gary McKinnon remains in the shadows, but continues to claim that he has found evidence of UFOs in NASA computer systems. He even criticized NASA’s claim that they had found no evidence of alien visitors. During his hacking, McKinnon said, he discovered photos of a strange cigar-shaped ship, satellite images and lists of “extraterrestrial officers.”

“It is a fact that there are objects in our skies that we do not understand, and it is also a fact that there are scientific, intelligence and military agencies that study these objects,” MacKinnon said.

He also questioned NASA’s objectivity, calling it a military agency masquerading as a civilian agency.


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