Garbage bags instead of masks: British medicine on the verge of collapse

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The British health care system is chronically overloaded and has not received enough funding for years, and now it is on the verge of collapse, according to the German television channel N-TV. Coronavirus can do even more damage to the country than Italy.

Some hospitals are already unable to cope with the influx of patients, and due to the lack of basic means of protection, medical staff have to use garbage bags instead of masks.

There are practically no devices for ventilation of the lungs and gloves, there are not enough doctors and medical staff – the British healthcare system is now on the verge of collapse, according to the website of the German television channel N-TV. Coronavirus can aggravate the situation and cause more damage to the country than Italy.

The first clinics refuse to accept patients, and nurses use garbage bags as a means of protection: the crisis with coronavirus in the UK is exacerbating. “We know what is approaching us – and we know that it will be terrible,” the British television channel quoted a physician from a London hospital who wanted to remain anonymous.

In his opinion, the situation in the UK could become even worse than in Italy. Due to a lack of personnel and equipment, an unknown doctor and his colleagues will soon have to make decisions about life and death and provide treatment only to those whose chances of survival are highest.

A new coronavirus has already appeared in all parts of the United Kingdom. It manifested itself especially massively in London – primarily in the parliamentary quarter and its environs. The number of patients in hospitals is growing, and this makes many experts nervous. The fact is that the NHS public health service, funded mainly by taxpayers, has not received enough funds for years, is chronically overloaded, and can barely cope. Critics argue that healthcare has simply collapsed, constantly saving on it.

Now in the UK there are 4 thousand ventilation devices for adults and only 900 – for children. Thus, the country occupies one of the last places among European states in terms of the availability of equipment per 100 thousand inhabitants. According to forecasts, such a number of devices is not enough for everyone who gets infected with the COVID-19 virus. In this situation, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to contact the automakers to find out if they could make medical equipment.

However, this is not the only problem associated with the epidemic, the German television channel emphasizes. Not least because of brexit, many health workers have long left the country. In the winter months, when people are more likely to get the flu, the UK health system regularly finds itself on the verge of collapse. Critics accuse Johnson of losing precious time with his course in the fight against coronavirus.

Already in the past weeks, a London hospital had to refuse admission to seriously ill infected patients due to lack of resources. Absolutely exhausted nurses in the clinic protect themselves from infection with the help of large blue garbage bags.

“We ourselves must take the initiative into our own hands,” one of the nurses told British reporters. The hospital lacks masks, bathrobes and gloves. All these things are extremely necessary: “Otherwise, the nurses and doctors will die – everything is very simple.”

Most Britons still retain a true English exposure in the face of the threat. However, in reality they are extremely worried, as evidenced by panic purchases: many supermarket shelves in London, Brighton and other cities are almost empty. First of all, it is difficult to get toilet paper. More and more people are forced to use old newspapers and kitchen towels instead, but this can lead to clogged sewers, experts at the British company Northumbrian Water warn.

On Friday evening, Johnson announced the closure of bars, restaurants and cafes across the country in order to slow down the spread of the virus. Nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, fitness clubs and gyms should also remain closed, as are the British-loved pubs. According to Johnson, he understands that he had to take extraordinary measures – to deprive a free man of his original and inalienable right to go to the pub, N-TV notes.


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