Galactic cosmic rays can destroy interstellar objects

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(ORDO NEWS) — In outer space, you can find a huge number of various objects. These are not only stars, planets, black holes. It is also worth noting that comets or asteroids can fly not only around stars, but also be thrown into interstellar space.

Previously, scientists were able to fix two similar objects, but in fact there are many more. It is reported by

The new study was conducted by Vo Hong Minh Phan of the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen, located in Germany. Experts have studied how various kinds of objects are blurred, trapped in interstellar space under the influence of galactic cosmic rays.

The entry of objects into a given space can be carried out as a result of a variety of factors. Most often, the reason is the interaction of a gravitational nature with those objects that have a very large mass. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this can happen even when the star system is just beginning to form.

Galactic cosmic rays are particles that have incredibly high energies. In most cases, these are nuclei of helium and hydrogen, moving at almost the same speed as light.

Scientists have suggested that due to the fact that blurring occurs, it is not possible to capture a sufficient number of interstellar objects. In the future, experts plan to use the Vera Rubin Telescope, with the help of which it will be possible to find new objects in outer space.


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