Futurologists predict the emergence of virtual holidays

(ORDO NEWS) — Futurists have made an interesting prediction for 2023. In their opinion, after remote work, remote vacation will appear.

Or, if I may say so, virtual. A variety of gadgets, such as virtual reality helmets, already now allow you to travel through fantasy worlds without getting up from your chair.

Futurist Chris Lindinger from the Austrian innovation center Ars Electronica Futurelab is convinced that such devices will become so perfect that they will be able to accurately reproduce not only the picture and sound, but also smells and tactile sensations.

Pilot projects in this vein already exist.

As a result, according to futurologists, next year a device will appear that will completely immerse the user, say, in the Indian jungle.

Further – more: the gadget will be able to “send” you on an expedition to Everest, to ancient Atlantis in those days when it was not yet swallowed up by the ocean, or even in the Jurassic period.

Sitting at home, it will be possible to travel through eras and galaxies. A real vacation with its tiring journeys will lose popularity.


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