Futuristic Einride drone trucks will appear on American roads

(ORDO NEWS) — Unmanned electric trucks from the Swedish manufacturer Einride will leave the public highways in the United States. The project is being implemented with the support of General Electric Appliances.

A feature of the Swedish unmanned electric truck, according to Einride director Robert Falk, is that it is completely devoid of a driver’s cab.

The fact is that the car is designed from scratch as an autonomous vehicle, while other manufacturers often modify ready-made trucks, turning them into unmanned vehicles.

How did the test runs go?

Einride’s self-driving trucks will initially be tested in a limited area – a mile and a half public road connecting the GEA factory and warehouse in Selmer, Tennessee; the cars will begin to run between the two sites in the third quarter of 2022.

The first phase of testing has been taking place in GEA’s closed area since November 2021, with the trucks traveling on predetermined routes with a fully controlled environment.

Futuristic Einride drone trucks will appear on American roads 1
Einride autonomous electric trucks will soon appear on US roads

Public road ahead

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) documents, Einride vehicles will only be able to travel on public roads during daylight hours in the absence of adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, hail, or temperatures below -17.78 ° C.

At the same time, the company noted that the leader and the cameras allow the machines to work in such conditions.

The main pilot project will last 2 weeks. Einride operators will supervise the operation of the trucks, assisting them in reversing if necessary, parking at warehouses, as well as controlling the time of dispatch after loading – in most other situations, the trucks will be able to work in a completely autonomous mode.

Futuristic Einride drone trucks will appear on American roads 2
The operator will control some important points of the truck’s route

And how is it here without Tesla

Talking about autonomous trucks, it is impossible not to mention Tesla, which creates the Semi car. The automaker recently announced that the Tesla Semi smart trucks are ready.

The company previously delayed the release of the electric truck due to the coronavirus pandemic and the global chip shortage, but now everything is ready and orders for vehicles have started.

Those wishing to pre-order must transfer $20,000. At the same time, there is no exact date for the start of shipments.

At the time of the announcement of the Tesla Semi in 2017, the automaker said that production versions of the 36-ton electric truck would have a range of about 480 and 800 kilometers at a price of $150,000 and $180,000, respectively.


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