Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala

(ORDO NEWS) — Fuego Volcano, one of three active volcanoes in Guatemala, has begun erupting again after increasing activity over the past few days, as confirmed by the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology of Guatemala (INSIVUMEH).

“The Fuego Volcano has shown an increase in its activity and has entered an eruption phase in recent days,” the institute said in a statement, and it also states that “constant weak, moderate and strong explosions are observed in the crater.”

Thus, he pointed to the existence of “an incandescent source 400 meters high” and added that “the column of ash reaches 5,000 meters above sea level, dispersing 30 kilometers to the west and northwest.”

“In the area of ​​the Seniza gorge, the lava flow persists for 800 meters, and avalanches constantly form in front of it, which reach the edge of the vegetation,” he explained, noting that “the eruption is mainly effusive, accompanied by incandescent pulses of the lava source.”

“It can also generate new lava flows towards other ravines, as well as produce strong ash-laden explosions and generate pyroclastic flows, mainly towards the Seniza, Las Lajas and Seca ravines, as well as any other ravines of the Fuego volcano.”

Therefore, the agency emphasized that “one should not be near or inside the gorges of the volcano” and warned that “due to the direction of the wind, ash fall could be recorded northwest of the volcano, in the settlements of the municipalities of Akatenango, Yepokapa and Patsisia.”

The Guatemalan authorities have not yet commented on the information about possible victims. In June 2018, a massive eruption triggered an avalanche that swept through the community of San Miguel Los Lotes and part of a road in the nearby city of Alotenango, killing 215 people and leaving hundreds missing.


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