From the life of Ptolemy

(ORDO NEWS) — Ptolemy, the founder of the dynasty of the same name, during the life of Alexander the Great served as a commander and bodyguard in the army of the great conqueror.

Iskander died, and Ptolemy conquered Egypt, sitting on the throne of the pharaoh. And then he decided to “move his feet” in science – to gain scholarship.

And he began to patronize scientific research in Alexandria and created a museum. Gradually, this city began to turn into the center of the world of the Hellenes. Euclid did mathematics there, creating his Elements.

And Ptolemy leaned towards the study of geometry. But I got confused in the wisdom of theorems. Then the monarch asked Euclid about an easier way to study this science. And he answered about the impossibility of the “royal path” in it.

Ptolemy’s father was a Macedonian aristocrat named Lag. Dad owned the land, mom, according to legend, was the mistress of Tsar Philip.

Their son from childhood communicated with the future commander Alexander. Both grew up, without losing friendly ties, began to fight together, dreaming of enslaving the world.

Ptolemy distinguished himself in the Indian campaign, showing courage and valor. After that, he received a third of Iskander’s troops under command.

And he failed to save the king as a bodyguard, but revealed the “conspiracy of the pages”, which had the goal of poisoning Alexander the Great.

Ptolemy married aristocratic women three times in his life, had both mistresses and concubines. He reigned in Egypt for 23 years, died in a warm bed from old age.


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