From Tesla Cybertruck it will be possible to make a catamaran and a motorhome

(ORDO NEWS) — Startup TSWLM has unveiled an accessory kit for the Tesla Cybertruck that could turn a weird pickup truck into a catamaran with a rooftop motorhome.

The weirdest pickup truck has the weirdest accessories

We don’t know who will still decide to buy the Tesla Cybertruck after its release, presumably in 2023, but by then its owners will probably already have the opportunity to buy accessories for this strange vehicle. One of them could be the Cyberkat kit (well, you get the idea: like a truck, only a catamaran) from the startup TSWLM.

Cybercat imagined a set of components based on a pair of inflatable pontoons and a multi-seat outboard drive. The entire kit disassembles to fit a Cybertruck inside, so the pickup becomes an autonomous land/water vehicle, even without a trailer and boat.

The company claims that the amphibious chassis can be installed faster than the time it takes to launch the boat, although this statement is rather unfounded, since so far all the components of the new set exist only in the form of renders. In reality, it can take much longer to assemble this entire catamaran.

Once the kit is fully installed, the Cybertruck can enter the water and drive through shallow water. As the water gets deeper, pontoons and electric outboard motors will keep the car afloat and provide traction.

Buyers will be able to get a Cybercat kit with two to five 50 kW electric outboard motors for a top speed of up to 22 knots (41 km/h).

Cybercat estimates that no matter how much they cost, the watercraft will travel 44 nautical miles (81 km) at 13 knots (24 km/h) or 100 nautical miles (185 km) at speeds up to 5 knots (9 km/h). ). These figures are, of course, based on a calculation based on the Cybertruck’s 805 km battery capacity.

From Tesla Cybertruck it will be possible to make a catamaran and a motorhome 2


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