From far space comes a powerful radio signal that repeats every 157 days

(ORDO NEWS) — From time to time, astronomers record fast radio bursts of FRB. Due to the unpredictability of signals, scientists have difficulties with their detection.

The most active radio signal was recognized by FRB 121102, it was opened back in 2012 and has since been registered with some regularity. Signal burst occurs within 90 days, and then follows a 67-day lull. In total, a cycle of 157 days is obtained when the surge repeats again. If these calculations are correct, then a new event was to occur on June 2.

A new discovery can help professionals understand the nature of signals. At the same time, scientists are having difficulty analyzing radio bursts.

According to Kaustubh Rajwad of the University of Manchester, the discovery is the second system to track repeatability in explosive activity. The frequency of the phenomena imposes a significant restriction on the origin of the bursts. Activity processes may not correspond to the procession of neutron stars.

Fast radio bursts are an amazing phenomenon that lasts only a few milliseconds. In an instant, as much energy is released as hundreds of millions of Suns produce. Most signals appear once and more scientists do not register them, but there are exceptions.

The exact source of the origin of the radio bursts is unknown. Experts discussed neutron stars, black holes, and pulsars with companion stars. There were also many other options. Recent discoveries say that bursts come from the magnetars. With each new discovery, physicists are increasingly convinced of the scarce information they possess.


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