Frequent questions about sports that almost every person has

(ORDO NEWS) — The topic of sports is close to each of us – someone conducts training at home, someone in the gym, and there are those who simply follow the achievements of athletes.

But there are a number of questions related to sports, the answer to which many do not know. Next, we will analyze the most popular of them.

Who is considered the youngest Olympic champion in history?

Frenchman Marcel Depayer won the gold medal at the 1900 Summer Olympics when he was about 8-10 years old.

The boy, whose age was not even exactly known, got into the Dutch rowing team quite by accident. In the final part of the competition, the Dutch decided to replace the heavy helmsman with a boy.

In such a cunning way, they reduced the weight of the boat and won. Marcel Depayer was not awarded a medal and was not even included in the list of winners.

What role do the notches on a golf ball play?

Manufacturers began to make peculiar hollows on a golf ball for a reason. In this way, the aerodynamics of the ball is increased, due to which the range of its flight is increased.

When applied to a smooth ball and a ball with indentations of impact with the same force, the second one will fly twice as far.

What do the colors of the Olympic rings mean?

The Olympic flag is a white silk canvas with five rings painted in different colors. Each color symbolizes the element: blue – water, yellow – earth energy, black – metal energy, green – wood energy, red – fire. The rings themselves signify the unity of the five continents.

Where did the tradition of lighting the Olympic flame come from?

Almost everyone knows that this tradition is ancient Greek. But few people know that in ancient Greece the Olympic flame was not just a torch, but an altar on which sacrifices were made to the gods.

Why is a soccer ball black and white?

Football matches began to be broadcast live in 1970, when televisions could not yet transmit color images. Against the background of bright colors that looked gray on the screens, the black and white color of the soccer ball helped it stand out.

To this day, the ball of this color is considered a global symbol of football. And for watching broadcasts of sports matches, many convenient mobile applications have been created, one of which can be downloaded here .

How do synchronized swimmers hear music underwater?

Special underwater speakers are installed in the pool to help swimmers hear the music. Due to the density of the liquid, the sound is heard much worse than on the surface, but this helps the synchronists to hear at least the rhythm for performing program elements.

How much does a hockey goalie’s ammunition weigh?

Of course, hockey is considered one of the most traumatic sports. Therefore, the equipment, especially the goalkeeper, who is always under the threat of a blow, must protect almost the entire body.

In this regard, the weight of ammunition is almost 30 kg. Goalkeeper equipment consists of pads, helmet, gloves, armor and much more.

What is the white powder that gymnasts rub their hands with?

Every second person will answer that gymnasts rub their hands with flour before performing, but this is an erroneous version.

Gymnasts use sports magnesium, the main ingredient of which is magnesium salt. Such a powder dries the skin well, which allows the palms to better grip the projectile.

What sport is considered the most expensive?

Ring racing “Formula 1” – the most costly sport. Pilots receive large fees, but before that they themselves are forced to invest a lot of effort and finance.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent to build quality tracks, buy powerful cars and maintain Formula 1.


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