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French created champagne specifically for astronauts. It can be drunk in zero gravity

French created champagne specifically for astronauts It can be drunk in zero gravity 1

(ORDO NEWS) — The French winery GH Mumm decided to add a little holiday to the life of astronauts! Five years of intensive work were not in vain – the company introduced the first champagne that can be drunk in zero gravity.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar – champagne in a futuristic bottle made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The stopper is held by a special stainless steel valve.

When pressed, it releases a ball of champagne that astronauts can swallow while hovering in zero gravity.

Jean-Francois Clervois, astronaut at the French European Space Agency (ESA), said : “In space, it is important to keep in touch with the Earth and its culture.

As a symbol of the art of living through time, champagne has a universal appeal.”

But… how to drink it?

Mumm Cordon Rouge Stellar is the first champagne designed specifically for space travel and meant to be consumed away from Earth.

The secret lies in how the alcohol “leaves the bottle”. When you press the valve, a mechanism opens that releases an even ball of champagne.

To prevent liquid from spreading throughout the cabin, the trigger mechanism is fixed with a stainless steel ring.

This design means that the liquid comes into contact only with glass and stainless steel, which ensures its safety. The drink itself comes out in the form of foam. It can be caught in weightlessness in a glass.

The winery tested the champagne on an Airbus parabolic flight.

Space taste

According to representatives of the winery, in the “cosmic” champagne there are notes of ripe yellow fruits, peach, dried fruits, hazelnuts and pralines, hints of vanilla and pastries. Therefore, there is nothing “such” in the drink.


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