Fragments of the “Apocalypse” carpet found in the funds of the Paris gallery

(ORDO NEWS) — The largest medieval carpet known in the world of history and art is “Apocalypse”. Fragments of it were discovered after nearly 100 years of neglect. They were in the vault of one of the popular galleries. And now the fragments are on display in the Anzher Castle.

Reported by The Epich Times.

A surprising find at Charls Ratton & Guy Ladriere delighted connoisseurs of medieval art. The find was immediately examined and the Ministry of Cultures recognized the authenticity of the fragments. Today, carpet particles are recognized as a national treasure.

The “Apocalypse” carpet as a whole had a length of 140 meters. It was made in 1375. The Duke Louis the first, brother of King Charles V, ordered such an unusual product. The canvas depicts scenes of the Apocalypse from the writings of St. John.

At that time, the centenary war lasted and the confrontation between the French and the British was symbolically woven on the carpet. For example, on one of the particles you can see the face of the King of France and the Duke.

Cut into pieces “Apocalypse” during the French Revolution. All of it has not survived to this day, only some fragments. Although in the 19th century, one priest partially restored the product.

The Apocalypse carpet is also unique in its technique of execution. You can admire it from both sides, since it is woven using the technology of double-sided carpet weaving. The cuts found depict “great persons” and a “frieze decorated with flowers”.

Having raised the archive, the gallery’s management said that these fragments were bought by Charles Rutton in 1924, and they were kept in the funds until 2020.

Charls Ratton & Guy Ladriere made a great gesture by donating them to the state. Now they complement the collection of the Anjara Castle.


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