Fragments of extraterrestrial technology fall to Earth, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists were sure that they synthesized two minerals that do not exist in nature – heidite and bresinaite, which can only be created in the laboratory. But how surprised they were to discover that they had existed before.

The strange claim came from a team of Venezuelan researchers and scientists who were looking to discover the two minerals in 1975. Abandoned alien spaceships are falling to Earth, according to a new study. This is reported by the Daily Star.

Heidite and Brezianite were created in a US laboratory, but a few years later they were found on Earth among meteorite fragments.

And now the theory is being put forward that this debris was actually the debris of an alien spacecraft left by someone in space.

The team, led by a physicist from the Central University of Venezuela B.P. Embidom said: “It is important to be open-minded and even provocative in order to consider the following question: are these meteorite minerals examples of extraterrestrial technology ?”

“The origin of these meteorite minerals may require a controlled and complex process that is not easily found in nature.

If after many attempts this hypothesis is not confirmed, then we can begin to wonder about the possibility that these minerals were obtained from industrial processes. In other words, that they are techno signals.”

The claim that minerals are falling from alien spaceships abandoned in space contradicts what a UFO expert claimed earlier this year.

UFO author Anna Whitty told the Daily Star that aliens are actually already living on our planet, excluding the underwater world.

Anna said: “I really think they have always been here. If the aliens came from somewhere in the depths of the sea or caves, and not from another planet, then this is because there is a lot of evidence on the planet that massive cataclysms occur every few thousand years.

“If people on the surface return to the Stone Age every few thousand years, and they are in a protected place underground, then perhaps the development of their technology and intelligence continues on an upward trajectory.”


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