Fragments of an ancient vimana discovered in Great Britain

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On May 8, a resident of Great Britain went fishing with his sons. Only fishing was not quite ordinary: instead of fishing, the British sifted sand in search of ancient artifacts. From the pages of the Coventry press, it became clear that the “catch” was excellent.

The man hoped to find coins, but discovered strange cubes made of some kind of metal. In total, 60 artifacts were found. According to a resident named Will Reed, the items are made of lead.

Web users were confused by several things. Firstly, the material. It may be uranium in general. The fact is that the cubes are similar to those made by the Third Reich for a nuclear reactor. Then the uranium cubes were suspended and lowered into a radioactive chamber for enrichment.

The second point is the symbols on each artifact. Some knowledgeable people noted that the font strongly resembles Sanskrit. Usually it was used by those who knew black magic (witches, sorcerers).

It is unlikely that several Britons could find objects of some ancient cult, lost in the river or thrown into it. Still, primitive objects were used to detect artifacts. A more likely version – the cubes were nevertheless the fuel elements of the vimana. The hull itself has long decayed in the river, while the uranium-containing constituents have survived.

Since the find is only a few days old, no one has yet taken up the investigation. It is likely that soon the origin of the strange cubes will be revealed by amateurs or even large channels. One thing is for sure – artifacts were not used for rituals, since then they would be found throughout England.


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