Found the oldest treatise revealing the details of embalming

(ORDO NEWS) — In ancient Egypt, as you know, those leaving for another world were mummified. According to a statement by specialists from the University of Copenhagen, the discovered ancient text reveals the peculiarities of embalming.

The treatise contains methods that the Egyptians later abandoned. It was found that the papyrus is 3.5 thousand years old, now it is being studied in more detail by the Egyptologist Sophie Schmidt. She noted that the document is more of a memo than a detailed instruction. Drying the body, for example, is generally omitted, although this is an important part of embalming.

The found document is recognized by scientists as the oldest, it was created in 1450 BC. Since Schmidt is writing a dissertation on the text, it is still impossible to get acquainted with it. She just shared some interesting points. The embalming of the face, for example, was carried out by imposing a linen scarf soaked in a herbal solution on the deceased. The special smell scared away insects.

The process of mummification of bodies itself took about 70 days. Every few days, the body had to be treated with special antibacterial agents. They were made mainly from herbs.


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