Found the main reason for nightmares

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(ORDO NEWS) — The results of the new study surprised scientists very much, since it was long believed that nightmares could be caused by chronic stresses or unpleasant events in life. According to Replyua, the researchers said that this version was erroneous.

It turned out that one of the main causes of nightmares is smells that are familiar to man. Scientists from Japan noted that we can talk about a variety of pleasant smells – washing powder, air freshener, the aroma of flowers, perfumes, washing clothes. It is pleasant aromas that generate negative emotions, which in a few hours are transformed into a dream.

The experiment was attended by several people who slept in the laboratory for some time. Previously, the researchers spread the pleasant smell of roses indoors. After a few hours, all the volunteers were awakened and found out what they dreamed about.

Researchers noted that those volunteers who were familiar with the scent of roses saw nightmares at night.

At the same time, the rest of the participants, who throughout their lives rarely encountered this aroma, said that they were sleeping quite calmly. As a result, experts found that during sleep, the part of the brain that processes all incoming aromas is connected to another part that processes negative emotions, which makes people have nightmares.


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