Found the cause of the formation of dead zones in the Pacific Ocean

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(ORDO NEWS) — Dead zones are areas in water bodies with low oxygen content. Getting into such a zone, all living things die, from this and such a terrible name. Scientists have been trying for years to find out the cause of their occurrence. Now they are finally ready to answer the question: “Why are there dead zones?”

Reported by Science Advances.

Scientists from the University of California analyzed sediments in the Bering Sea to find out what triggers the formation of so-called dead zones in the Pacific Ocean. The results obtained confirmed the fact that this is due to global warming.

During the last ice age, there was global hypoxia due to the melting of the ice sheet.

Today, due to climate changes in the Earth‘s hydrosphere, the amount of oxygen has sharply decreased. Because of this, the inhabitants of rivers, seas, lakes and oceans die.

The reproduction of phytoplankton also provokes the appearance of such zones. Phytoplankton lives all their life on the surface of the water, and after death they sink into deeper layers. There, in the process of phytoplankton decomposition, a lot of methane and heat are generated. These accumulations are deadly to living organisms.

The melting of glaciers, an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere leads to an imbalance in the hydrosphere. As a result, not only fish, but also people may suffer, scientists are sure.


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