Found proof of the coming true prophecy of Nostradamus

(ORDO NEWS) — Psychic Pavsekaky Bogdanov shared his thoughts about the prophecy of the French alchemist Nostradamus and horrified the Russians.

Nostradamus made his frightening prophecy 500 years ago. In it, he predicted destructive wars and catastrophes on a planetary scale. In particular, the pharmacist spoke of a terrible sign and conflict that would break out against the backdrop of a global cataclysm.

All these circumstances will lead to the third world war, Nostradamus believed. This prophecy was confirmed by the psychic Pavsekaky Bogdanov. In a conversation with iReactor, he noted that the words of Nostradamus may be true for the events of the new year.

“Such predictions have been circulating for 30 years. Vanga and Nostradamus spoke about this “edge”. The last time the media of the past tightly connected the prediction of Nostradamus with world events and the fall of Europe was eight years before 1945. Europe in the sense in which it existed then fell and split, ”said the psychic.

Bogdanov drew attention to the Nasa message about a dangerous asteroid that is rapidly flying towards the Earth. In an ancient prophecy of an alchemist, it was said that a terrible sign, like a comet or a large asteroid, would become the “catalyst” of destructive actions. The space body, according to scientists, will fly as close as possible to our planet on Tuesday, January 18.

“The prediction of Nostradamus is coming true, and 2022 will be decisive for which path Europe will take. Based on that heavenly wanderer who is approaching the Earth, and we have been watching him for 26 years, there is indeed a symbolism.

Why will the year be a turning point? No more Angela Merkel. There are no other politicians, collectors of Europe. Two years ago, a certain Boris appeared who will split Europe. Initially, everyone assumed that Boris Yeltsin would split it, but now we know that it is Boris Johnson, ”added Bogdanov.

The psychic said that very soon the world as people know it will collapse. Two strong states, Russia and China, will enter the world rent. At the same time, some European players will unexpectedly enter the sphere of Russian influence. According to the expert, people’s lives will be painted in gloomy colors, as it was during the Second World War.

“This will be the start of incredible change, and everything about everything will be eight years old. Exactly how Europe had eight years from 1937 to 1945, ”concluded Bogdanov.

Recently, a forgotten prophecy by Grigory Rasputin about “princes from the West and the East” who are destined to change the world order was published. The advisor to the royal family also spoke of the “three hungry snakes” that would cause the world to plunge into an abyss of chaos. These reptiles will “crawl” across Europe and bring many troubles to mankind.


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