Found Atlantis? “Giant ring-shaped structure” off the coast of Spain, discovered using Google Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — “Giant ring-shaped structures” have been discovered under the surface of a nature reserve off the coast of Spain.

The mythical island and the Atlanteans inhabiting it were besieging ancient Athens, which was described by the ancient Greek writer Plato in the texts “Timaeus” and “Critias”. According to the plot, Athens repulsed the attack of the Atlanteans, which supposedly testifies to the superiority of Ancient Greece. The legend ended with Atlantis falling out of favor with the gods and sinking into the water.

Atlantida 1

Over the millennia, many have dedicated their lives to finding Atlantis, but the What’s on Earth? Science Channel showed how a modern researcher could make a revolutionary find in Google Earth.

“The German researcher is using satellite imagery to find evidence of the disappearance of civilizations in the Mediterranean region. Examining the southern coast of Spain, he discovers what he believes to be giant rings buried under the sand. ”

The image caught the attention of archaeologist and historian Rainer Kune.

“Studying the structures in more detail, he notices something like large rectangular structures inside the circles.”

In the documentary, Dr. Kune said that one of the figures was 250 meters long and the other was “much larger.

“The fact that the analysis has shown that something is lurking beneath the surface is really exciting.”

But the scan did not explain what these structures were.


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