Found an ozone hole where it shouldn’t be

(ORDO NEWS) — Zinn-Bing Lu of the University of Waterloo in Canada has discovered an ozone hole that is located in a place where it should not be.

At the same time, the specialist noted that it is one of the reasons why the average air temperature continues to rise on Earth.

A huge number of factors can influence the level of ozone concentration in the atmosphere of our planet. For example, ozone molecules die as a result of reaction with a wide variety of substances, which can be of both anthropogenic and natural origin.

Also, the factors include the minimum amount of sunlight during the polar winter, the polar vortex with a high stability index, the occurrence of polar stratospheric clouds.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that these factors are present only in the Arctic and Antarctic. There is also a huge ozone hole.

Qinn-Bing Lu believes that this ozone hole has a completely different explanation for its occurrence. He is sure that galactic radiation also affects the appearance, so the ozone hole can appear anywhere, and not just at the poles of the Earth.

The specialist emphasized that if solar radiation is weak, then the effect of galactic radiation on the planet will increase.

The scientist proposed a theory that says that the duration of the solar cycle is 11 years, and the ozone holes will be the largest when the activity of the Sun is minimal.

Qinn-Bing Lu added that all-weather cyclones are active at an altitude of 15 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

They are interrelated with cosmic radiation and temperature. With their characteristics, such cyclones resemble Antarctic whirlwinds.

At the same time, a large amount of freon is fixed over the tropics. This substance destroys the ozone layer very quickly.

The researcher stressed that an ozone hole was found in the tropics, the size of which is seven times larger than in the Antarctic.

Previously, experts have never recorded ozone holes over the tropics. Its occurrence is considered very dangerous, because most people live in this belt.

The presence of such a natural phenomenon can cause an increase in the risk of developing oncology, making the immune system weaker. The ozone hole also negatively affects the climate on Earth.


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