Found 4,500-year-old mummy could change ancient Egyptian history

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Egyptian settlement of Saqqara, the tomb of a very wealthy person was discovered – a priest of the Old Kingdom. It remained untouched for 4500 years and kept many valuable items.

During the study of the ancient burial, the attention of scientists was attracted not only by the riches, but also by one anomaly that can completely change the ancient Egyptian history. According to Amir Shahin, professor of rheumatology at Cairo University, the skull of the 35-year-old priest has feminine features. Some bones were swollen, which indicates some kind of processes in the body. The bones of one leg were unhealthy and the knees were crooked.

Experts decided to study the man’s relatives. His mother had similar problems. Scientists concluded that the family suffered from anemia, which was hereditary. At the same time, family members died at different ages, the theory of anemia is not fully confirmed.

Over time, archaeologists found another explanation: people could have been killed by an epidemic, most likely malaria. If this version is confirmed, then the history of Ancient Egypt will be supplemented. Scientists tentatively believe that they have found the first confirmed case of malaria, which took place more than one millennium ago.

The 35-year-old priest Vakhtye served under the third pharaoh of the 5th dynasty Nefertiti. The man was buried with honors and in accordance with all the rules that were followed in the ancient world.


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