Forty amphorae with human remains found in Corsica

(ORDO NEWS) — On the French island of Corsica, archaeologists have found an unusual necropolis in the city of Ile-Rousse. Forty tombs with human remains inside on the territory of the commune surprised scientists with their unusual origin. Some of the tombs are cylindrical ceramic amphorae. Archaeologists said that both adults and children were buried in the amphorae.

It is reported by Live Science.

Il-Rousse is located on the northern coast of Corsica. The amphorae found were made in North Africa and Carthage. Most likely, they ended up on the island because earlier there was a lot of trade across the Mediterranean. Large merchant ships entered the port and offered their goods from Italy, Spain, Africa and other countries.

The burial dates back to 3-5 centuries AD (the time of the decline of the Roman Empire). Scientists are sure that local residents are buried here. The vessels were used as coffins.

Amophores were used to transport oil, wine, or pickles. The fact that people are buried in them still remains a mystery that archaeologists have to unravel.

In the near future, scientists will conduct a detailed study of the remains. Laboratory work will help establish the gender, the exact age of people and the cause of their death. After research, the bodies with amphorae will be transferred to the local museum.


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