Fortnite developers will create a children’s metaverse together with LEGO and Sony

(ORDO NEWS) — Sony Group and Kirkbi, who own 75% of the Lego Group, have each invested $1 billion in Epic Games to create a children’s gaming metaverse.

The younger the generation, the better it “absorbs” new technologies. So if we want the metaverse to be ubiquitous, we should start with children.

“As a creative entertainment company, we are thrilled to be investing in Epic to begin exploring the metaverse, a space where creators and users share their creations,” Kenichiro Yoshida, chairman, president and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, said in a statement.

“We are also confident that Epic’s expertise, including their powerful game engine, combined with Sony technologies, will accelerate our various efforts, including the development of new digital sports fan experiences and our production virtualization initiatives.”

I must say that Epic Games themselves do not hide the fact that Fortnite for them is more than just a game in the “royal battle” genre, it is already a metaverse.

Virtual concerts of famous performers are already taking place inside it, friends can spend time creating their own worlds or visiting others. You can even learn in Fortnite today! And this is far from the limit of activities available in the game world.

Children’s Metaverse

In 2020, Epic Games acquired SuperAwesome, which created technology designed to enable safe digital interactions with children under the age of 16. With this new $2 billion investment, Epic said it was now valued at $31.5 billion.

It can be said that Epic Games today in the gaming industry is like Tesla in the world of electric vehicles. The company is developing rapidly and competently manages investments.

So there is no doubt that she will be able to create a real children’s metaverse and surpass even the popular Roblox, which can be considered a kind of standard for children’s digital interaction with content.


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