Fort Detrick lab: US shut down a secret laboratory after cases of pneumonia of “unknown origin”

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(ORDO NEWS) — In China, America’s decision to close a secret laboratory containing dangerous viruses is considered strange. It is suspicious that it was closed immediately after the detection of cases of pneumonia of “unknown origin”. The United States refuses to conduct its own investigation.

The letter, signed by Chinese Internet users, calls for the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the American laboratory at Fort Detrick. When the number of signatures was approaching 10 million, there were two cyberattacks on the letter server with an IP address from the United States.

The laboratory in Fort Detrick is a military biological base, it stores materials about the bacteriological warfare of the German fascists and the Japanese “Detachment 731”. In July 2019, two nursing homes near the Fort Detrick laboratory reported cases of unexplained pneumonia.

In September of the same year, a report from the state of Maryland, where this biological laboratory is located, mentioned “pneumonia associated with electronic cigarettes”, moreover, it was noted that the number of people infected was soaring.

It was then that cases of “unexplained respiratory illness” began to appear in northern Virginia and Wisconsin. So, “pneumonia associated with electronic cigarettes” broke out.

Why did the United States close this biological laboratory? A possible cause could be a leak. However, the leak of what? And to what extent? Is the leak causing the spread of “e-cigarette pneumonia”? All details were hidden under the pretext of “national security” and are still a mystery to this day.

In fact, different data show that the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus in the United States occurred a month earlier than in China.

On June 15, 2021 local time, American media reported that in early 2020, the US National Institutes of Health collected 24,000 blood samples from different locations in the United States, at least 9 samples were tested for antibodies to coronavirus.

More importantly, the US National Institutes of Health confirmed that covid-19 was slowly spreading across the US back in December 2019. Given the time, a new type of coronavirus appeared in the United States a month earlier than in Wuhan, China.

In addition, according to reports from The Palm Beach Post and USA Today, in 2020, two months before the official confirmation of covid-19, that is, in December 2019, there were already 171 cases in the US state of Florida, on average 107 people were not for border.

Why is the US refusing its own investigation, as well as verification by other structures? Perhaps they know the answer.

However, it should be noted that the US will not be able to hide or shy away from this topic. The United States must adhere to the principles of fairness and transparency, and allow scientists from other countries to conduct research on the situation in America.


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