Former US military spoke about the meeting with the Yeti during the exercise

(ORDO NEWS) — A man named Fran from Springfield, Massachusetts, called the popular American paranormal radio “Coast to Coast” in 1999 and told about a strange story that he had witnessed while serving in the US Army.

“In May 1973, I was in the Marines and one day we were doing a battalion exercise in the California area of ​​Casey Springs. We had to fly by helicopter to get there, because it’s such a remote place that there are no roads.

I and 15 other infantrymen were sent to a night ambush. We had to work out in reality a possible scenario of actions developed by a computer. Our task was to follow the enemy.

So we set up an ambush site, it was shaped like an “L”, and everyone who entered this area was considered “killed”.

We set up this ambush at midnight and soon “two big men” entered it, as it seemed to us at first. We opened fire on them with blanks. Then we decided that they were bears, but they walked vertically, on two limbs.

When we started firing blanks at them, they separated, one creature ran in one direction, and the other in the other.

We did not pursue them, but returned to the location of the point, which was considered our “base”, and reported to our lieutenant about what had happened.

He, in turn, radioed the commander and told him about the incident. And after that, an order was received that our war game would be canceled, although we were supposed to be in this area for four days, and spent only a day here so far.

While waiting for the helicopters, we were ordered to build a large fire, put on bayonets and stand in a tight circle around the fire (that is, behave as if there was a real and dangerous enemy nearby).

And for the rest of the night we heard piercing screams nearby. I can describe them as human-like, not bearish at all.

In the morning, two helicopters arrived with some other infantrymen and their superiors. To this day I don’t know who they were.

We were forced to point out the place where we had a night ambush, and then two military men went in that direction, and we were told to get out of here.

By the way, the Marine Corps never cancels such computerized military exercises, and in total, more than 3 thousand marines, logistics and a huge pile of money were involved in our exercises. And it was all cancelled.”


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