Former prime minister of Spain fined for violation of quarantine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may be fined for violating the quarantine that has been in force in the country since March 14, media reported.

Earlier, La Sexta distributed a video at its disposal, which shows that Rahoy is engaged in walking. Since March 14, Spain has been operating in high alert mode, which imposes severe restrictions on movement: you can go outside only to reach a store or pharmacy, get to work, and help people who cannot service themselves.

Restrictions on playing sports will be lifted only from May 2, until now they are strictly prohibited.

The national police checked the channel’s information and sent its opinion to the representative of the Spanish government in the community of Madrid, which decides on fines for submitting police reports.

According to sources in the government’s representative office, Efe’s law will apply to Rahoy as it would for any citizen. Violation of the quarantine can cost the ex-prime minister from 601 to 1,500 euros fine. The decision can be appealed within fifteen days.

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